Exclusive Premier – PBS Lincoln Hwy promo

PBS producer Rick Sebak sent a teaser for his Lincoln Highway program that will air nationally October 29. He was a little shy about it since of course so much had to be left out: “Most of the recent trip isn’t even in the computer yet, so most of the pictures are from last year.” However, I think you’ll agree that a lot IS packed into the 2-minute piece. (Disclosure – that’s me you’ll see a couple times outside the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh.) I saw a hi-res version that’s amazing in its detail, which is what the final show will look like. Here’s a lo-res version:

Interest in the LH has been rising the past few years, and I think a wave will hit come Halloween when millions across the US see Sebak’s whimsical take on the road — fun yet informative, full of friendly folks and achingly beautiful roadscapes. Prepare to see a lot more LH travelers and LH roadtrip blogs next Spring.

Learn about Rick’s recent adventures on the LH blog you’re reading or go to Rick’s QED blog for daily road reports and video clips from the trip.

Also today, a nice story is in the Woodbine Twiner about the crew’s visit to Woodbine, Iowa, and its Brick Street Station: find it by clicking HERE.

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One Response to “Exclusive Premier – PBS Lincoln Hwy promo”

  1. dinerhotline Says:

    Brian, I don’t have audio on my work pc but you looked really good on the video!

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