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Sebak wins LHA's first Gregory M. Franzwa Award

June 22, 2009

Crawford_Sebak_Franzwa award

PBS producer Rick Sebak received the first Gregory M. Franzwa award that recognizes the individual or group who does the most for the Lincoln Highway Association. Franzwa was a founder, past president, and long-time journal editor of the association.

Sebak’s 2008 program, A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway, greatly increased membership and interest in the road. Mindy Crawford sent the photo above showing Sebak with LHA secretary Sue Jacobson and president Bob Dieterich. Here’s a teaser to Sebak’s PBS program:

PBS Lincoln Highway video premier: stars & cars

October 20, 2008

Saturday night saw the official premier of the new PBS program A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway. Attending were soundtrack musician Buddy Nutt, the Altizer family (owners of Lincoln Motor Court near Bedford, Pa.), and the often unsung stars—the crew who helped film and edit the production.

The screening was at the Sewickley Car Store, where guests got to snack and mingle with beautiful automobiles thanks to owner Joe Scarfone, above with Producer Rick Sebak. The video was shown on a big screen in HD and elicited some laughs and aww’s, especially for LH couple Esther and Bernie Queneau, who is seen driving around Ohio at 96!

Sebak advised everyone to watch the final two scenes after the video ends. First is a promo for the DVD that’s a funny interaction with cows in Wyoming. Then the credits roll and we hear Buddy Nutt singing “Goin’ All the Way on the Lincoln Highway.” Then came the roar of applause.

Here’s Rick in back along with his brother-in-law Bill Scott, sister Nisey Sebak, and mom Sebak. Up front are good friends Dave and Mary Beth Miller, and Sarah and Brian Butko (that’s me).

Above is On-Line Editor Matt Conrad with his girlfriend Bridget, cameraman Bob Lubomski, musician Buddy Nutt, and Liz “Ukulizzy” Hammond.

The Altizers, owners of Lincoln Motor Court, include Debbie, Bob, Rachel and her husband (who in the video make a quick appearance outside a cabin), Rick Sebak, and Carissa who has some great scenes in the show.

We can’t forget the stunning cars, all new except for this classic 1-cylinder, 12-hp, mid-1950s BMW Isetta microcar.

Everyone got a bag filled with cool stuff including DVDs of the show, each signed by Sebak. You can also read a fun blog post by jomama about the evening HERE.

A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway premiers at 8pm on your local PBS station on October 29, and repeats at 10 pm October 31.

Video of Ligonier Beach a Lincoln Highway teaser

October 13, 2008

With Rick Sebak’s A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway awaiting its national premier on October 29, LH fans can get a taste for it in other Sebak videos, which often feature LH locations. Here’s a segment from Things That Are Still Here about Ligonier Beach, a 1920 swimming hole just east of Ligonier, Pennsylvania. The cement pool is fed by an artesian well and offers a short sandy beach.

Exclusive Premier – PBS Lincoln Hwy promo

July 2, 2008

PBS producer Rick Sebak sent a teaser for his Lincoln Highway program that will air nationally October 29. He was a little shy about it since of course so much had to be left out: “Most of the recent trip isn’t even in the computer yet, so most of the pictures are from last year.” However, I think you’ll agree that a lot IS packed into the 2-minute piece. (Disclosure – that’s me you’ll see a couple times outside the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh.) I saw a hi-res version that’s amazing in its detail, which is what the final show will look like. Here’s a lo-res version:

Interest in the LH has been rising the past few years, and I think a wave will hit come Halloween when millions across the US see Sebak’s whimsical take on the road — fun yet informative, full of friendly folks and achingly beautiful roadscapes. Prepare to see a lot more LH travelers and LH roadtrip blogs next Spring.

Learn about Rick’s recent adventures on the LH blog you’re reading or go to Rick’s QED blog for daily road reports and video clips from the trip.

Also today, a nice story is in the Woodbine Twiner about the crew’s visit to Woodbine, Iowa, and its Brick Street Station: find it by clicking HERE.