Denny visits Terminus on West Coast adventure

Well-known roadie Denny Gibson has been cruising down the Pacific Coast this week and passed through San Francisco the past couple days. Like producer Rick Sebak, he stayed overnight at the Pacific Heights Inn and reports it to be good and priced right. Yesterday morning he went in search of the last original 1928 Lincoln Highway concrete post. With a little help from me and Sebak’s blog and video diary, he found it with the surrounding bushes cut back to better reveal the post: “Yep, it’s so much easier that I walked by it twice without seeing it. I was looking for and into shrubs and certainly entertaining anyone who was watching.”

Then he cruised to the nearby Terminus marker, also an LHA concrete post but this one a modern reproduction.

Then it was off to the Cliff House to see where dedicated transcontinetalists really ended their trip – at the ocean, dipping their tires. (With the beach now closed to cars, there was no dipping for Denny’s tires.) Read more about his adventures from this trip, with tons of roadside info and images, at (Note, his blog is a couple days behind so no LH mention is posted yet.)

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2 Responses to “Denny visits Terminus on West Coast adventure”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    Thanks for the spotlight and thanks for the help in finding that next-to-last marker. It really was funny when I realized how visible it was after walking within a few feet of it and not seeing it.

    I have finally caught up with the posting but, as you noted, most of the time was on the coast with the only Lincoln Highway items being those at the very end of the road. Essentially the two markers and Cliff House. I actually rolled up a few LH miles last month when I touched the eastern terminus and stayed with the road as far as Greensburg, PA. That drive is at . I now have both ends and a chunk of the eastern portion but still need to log the LH between Fort Wayne, IN, and the left turn into Lincoln Park.

  2. Eastern Terminus Marker - with paper & tape « Lincoln Highway News Says:

    […] in various ways over the decades. Today it has a reproduction of a 1928 concrete post – click here to see read about Denny Gibson’s visit a couple weeks […]

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