Eastern Terminus Marker – with paper & tape

The Eastern Terminus of the Lincoln Highway has never been marked – it was always simply Times Square – but Jerry Peppers is determined to change that. Here he is taping a temporary paper sign to his favorite concrete post at Broadway and 42nd Street during filming for Rick Sebak’s upcoming special. Rick also sent an updated photo that shows him at the intersection, which you’ll find at the end of this post.

The Western Terminus in San Francisco has been marked in various ways over the decades. Today it has a reproduction of a 1928 concrete post – click here to see read about Denny Gibson’s visit a couple weeks ago.

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One Response to “Eastern Terminus Marker – with paper & tape”

  1. Joe Comm Says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing Rick’s new Lincoln Highway documentary. Any chance he will visit West Virginia? As you know, Chester was a late-comer to the LH and has three original concrete markers within a few blocks of one another. I’d love to see Chester’s “World’s Largest Teapot featured in Rick’s video, as it is on the cover of your book.

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