PBS Lincoln Highway video premier: stars & cars

Saturday night saw the official premier of the new PBS program A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway. Attending were soundtrack musician Buddy Nutt, the Altizer family (owners of Lincoln Motor Court near Bedford, Pa.), and the often unsung stars—the crew who helped film and edit the production.

The screening was at the Sewickley Car Store, where guests got to snack and mingle with beautiful automobiles thanks to owner Joe Scarfone, above with Producer Rick Sebak. The video was shown on a big screen in HD and elicited some laughs and aww’s, especially for LH couple Esther and Bernie Queneau, who is seen driving around Ohio at 96!

Sebak advised everyone to watch the final two scenes after the video ends. First is a promo for the DVD that’s a funny interaction with cows in Wyoming. Then the credits roll and we hear Buddy Nutt singing “Goin’ All the Way on the Lincoln Highway.” Then came the roar of applause.

Here’s Rick in back along with his brother-in-law Bill Scott, sister Nisey Sebak, and mom Sebak. Up front are good friends Dave and Mary Beth Miller, and Sarah and Brian Butko (that’s me).

Above is On-Line Editor Matt Conrad with his girlfriend Bridget, cameraman Bob Lubomski, musician Buddy Nutt, and Liz “Ukulizzy” Hammond.

The Altizers, owners of Lincoln Motor Court, include Debbie, Bob, Rachel and her husband (who in the video make a quick appearance outside a cabin), Rick Sebak, and Carissa who has some great scenes in the show.

We can’t forget the stunning cars, all new except for this classic 1-cylinder, 12-hp, mid-1950s BMW Isetta microcar.

Everyone got a bag filled with cool stuff including DVDs of the show, each signed by Sebak. You can also read a fun blog post by jomama about the evening HERE.

A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway premiers at 8pm on your local PBS station on October 29, and repeats at 10 pm October 31.

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4 Responses to “PBS Lincoln Highway video premier: stars & cars”

  1. Joelene Says:

    Wasn’t it a wonderful film? Thank you for ensuring that the Lincoln Highway will stand out for generations to come.

    Now, here’s the real question… It’s been two days. Is Buddy Nutt’s theme song still stuck in your head? We talked about this in line Saturday evening and then even yesterday (as my husband and I drove out the LH to Idlewild Park) I could not shake it.

    Oh, wait, there it is again!

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Thanks Jolene. Oh yeah, it’s been stuck there since I heard it! Both the horn and sung version of the refrain!! In fact, I said that a month ago and it’s still stuck:

    Here’s my link to the song:

    When I visited Buddy’s MySpace today, it took a moment but then there it was playing again! Good thing I love it coz it’s driving me crazy.

  3. RoadDog Says:

    Looking forward to seeing it. Kay Sheldon says it will be October 28th here in Chicago on WTTW.

  4. brianbutko Says:

    Wednesday, October 29, 8 pm on all PBS stations.

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