Lincoln Highway Companion inches to next stage

For weeks I’ve been proofreading a design draft of my next book, Lincoln Highway Companion. Though I’d like to think I sent off a masterpiece, corrections from my editor and volunteer readers proves that there’s always room for improvement.


The 15 or so readers have caught misspelled words or street names that have changed or found listings for places that have closed. The maps were only half done, being that they were such a massive part of the project, so they are receiving tons of additional info—street names, landmarks, geographic feature notations, and letters keyed to Must-See attractions.

Hardest to take are the businesses that were included that have since closed. I’m not only sad for the effort that I (or guest writers) put into those stories, but the road is one bit less interesting each time a place closes or is demolished.

I’m proofing so many different aspects, and comparing to so many original sources and maps, that it’s eating away weeks of free time. I’ll be taking a few days now at Thanksgiving to try to finish it.

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2 Responses to “Lincoln Highway Companion inches to next stage”

  1. Bob Frillman Says:

    Amazon shows book available April 09. Hope that is correct.
    Three old motorcycle riding buddies are going to do highway 50 from San Francisco to Ocean City. Leave S.F. first week of August.
    One guy is shipping his bike from Chicago to San Francisco so we can all start “at the beginning”.
    (Appears to be some difference of opinion on whether Lincoln Park, near the Palace of the Legion of Honor, in San Francisco or a nondescript freeway location, I80 & 50, in Sacramento is the start point.)

    I have been spending lots of time on the internet looking for anything about Rt 50. In particular the original vs. realigned portions. We are actually trying to put together the original “old” alignment overlaid on the new route, like we did with 66, and see how we can do it all. Other than your book – any suggestions on where a guy might do some more research on traveling that route on a motorcycle.

    We are all in our 60’s, have ridden long distance for years together and one of us thinks this is the last good ride we have left in us so we want to do it right.

    Good luck on the proof-reading.

    Looking forward to the release.

    Bob Frillman
    Sunol, CA.

    • brianbutko Says:

      Sounds like an awesome trip Bob! The book will be done by April but will hit stores in May. I’m now hurrying to write the next book on the Ship Hotel, an old roadside landmark that was in PA.

      US 50 does now start in Sac; the Lincoln Hwy starts at the Palace in San Fran. I’m sure you’ve seen the US 50 web site by Wolf Burg; he has a book but I’ve never seen it.

      Did you see my posts about the guys that took Piaggios along the Lincoln last year? Type in Piaggio in my search block and you’ll find 9 posts about their cross-country adventures – check em out, you’ll love it! Here they are at the San Fran terminus:

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