Details on Lincoln Highway at inaugural parade

Following up on my post earlier this week, if you’re looking for the Lincoln Highway section of the Inaugural parade next week, Craig Harmon tells me they’ll be in the 3rd section – Navy about half way back.


Lincoln Highway Museum director Harmon notes the event corresponds perfectly with the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth, hence the theme of his contingent, “Lincoln is the Key – A New Birth of Freedom.” A Lincoln reencator will be atop his 1968 Maxim fire engine, holding a Liberty Key presented to the US by General Lafayette in 1825.

Commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Transcontinental Motor Convoy will be vehicles and the director from the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum of Asheville, NC, and sons of two men who were crucial in leading that convoy on motorcycles. Also along will be actor Mickey Rooney, who sang a Lincoln Highway-related song in his 1939 movie Babes In Arms (he’s been to every inauguration since 1933!!). Marching along will be 38 soldiers carrying state flags from 17 states crossed by the Lincoln Highway or an Offical Feeder. They will be dressed in authentic WWI uniforms rushed for the event by Wendy Partridge, a Hollywood costume designer from Calgary, Canada.

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