Still time for SS Grand View Ship Hotel stories

My Lincoln Highway Companion book is still being proofed for release later this Spring, but already the deadline is here for my next book, due out in 2010: The Ship Hotel: A Grand View along the Lincoln Highway.


One part will feature stories from those who visited or worked there. If you have a recollection or photo you’d like to share, please write.


I also have some Ship info and images on my website at

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10 Responses to “Still time for SS Grand View Ship Hotel stories”

  1. Mary Lou Says:

    Dear Brian,

    I had an elderly friend who died about 2 years ago who claimed that her family had owned the ship hotel when she was a child. She had kept all of the family’s memorablia about the hotel at her home in Bedford. She went to Florida to visit a friend and stayed on then died suddenly in Florida. I’m not sure if she had children who came into possession of her things or if her niece would have inherited. Her married name was Clara Gardner or Gardener. Maybe you could locate her things, if they haven’t been destroyed, with a little research.

  2. Mr. Paulson Says:

    There’s an interesting message on the back of the guardrail at Grand View Point.

  3. Dave Bohn Says:

    Brian, My father’s family was from Mann’s Choice and every summer when we visited, part of the routine to keep us kids entertained (1960s) was to drive up to see the ship. Oddly, we never went in. Ever since then the ship captured my imagination. As an adult when my folks were elderly I drove them to Mann’s Choice to visit remaining relatives – of course I decided we must visit the ship. That time I insisted we go in and purchase something to eat. Because of the ship and it’s connection with the Lincoln Highway I later joined the Lincoln Highway Association. One of my prized posessions is a covered sugar bowl made by Warwick China with the ship and “S S GrandView” on the front. Oddly I purchased it at an antique mall in the suburbs of Chicago.
    Thanks for your great web site and books.

  4. carol little Says:

    growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s Sunday drives would frequently include a trip to the ship hotel, sometimes we’d have lunch there and other times we would just look around and be on our way. i occasionally travel thru the area and will pause driving by missing the old ship ..

  5. Lucy M Says:

    At least twice a year throughout the ’60s and ’70s, my parents drove to NW PA to visit relatives, and my sister and I begged them to stop for lunch at the “Ship on the Mountain” every time. Hotel had pay toilets, the best gift shop a kid could ever wish for, and a great little restaurant with the BEST burgers and view (delicious to a 7-year-old in a boat on a mountain). Who remembers the guest register? I seem to recall names like (don’t quote me) Clark Gable, who hailed from Maryland, and Al Capone. Apparently, it was a popular stop! My sister and I are in our mid-40s and we still have all the little souvenirs we purchased there. I tried to find info on the Ship a few years ago, when I was disappointed to learn from locals it had been burned to the ground. Rumor has it, it was arson. Oh well, I have my memories.

  6. William Hermann Says:

    Hi Brian. My family just stopped by the site last weekend on our way back to Maryland. Quite sad I had seen it 10 years ago, when it was a boarded up hobo haven. My grandfather Louis Franci was they main contractor on it and was always very proud of it. He’s not alive, but his sons and daughters, my aunts and uncles still are so I will try to collect some stories. Visiting there renewed my interest. the antique store up the road has that large mural and the painting on the old gas pump that are quite well done. I screeched to a halt and did a u-turn when I saw them.

  7. Wayne Mariner Says:

    Hi….my wife and I were just talking about our visit to the ship hotel. Decided to look it up online. We had NO idea that it burned down years ago and are very sad about it.

    We went hours (!!!!!) out of our way to visit the Ship Hotel because my wife read of it in her book “Amazing America”. I’m guessing that this was approximately the middle 1980’s. We stopped and ended up being given a tour of the main floor by a Christine Ford & her husband(???). They were going to restore the place and were very interested in the article in our book. Christine was so friendly and nice. She gave my wife a original menu and a couple of other things. My wife mailed her a copy of the article from our book. We still have Christine’s address on the “Guest Check” that she wrote on. What a great place — feeling sad today. Will look for your book.

  8. Jerry Tewell Says:

    My mother had a 1956 ford that she drove on Rt.30 from Irwin to Hustontown. This is where my aunt lived. We would always stop at the ship on the mountain. I might have been about ten to twelve years old. On the way we would always stop at The Pie Shoppe for cinnamon rolls. Now I live in Idaho, but still recall all times we had going to my aunts.

  9. Cindy Newman Says:

    Hey Jerry, On our trips my mom always stopped at the pie shoppe too. We would bring fruit pies for everyone at the farm in Bedford. I don’t remember were it was located, and have wondered, can u tell me, and is it still there? thanks

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