Middlegate and Shoe Tree seen on street views

I was fishing around the Google street views for Middlegate and the Shoe Tree east of Fallon, Nevada, while double-checking my Lincoln Highway Companion draft, and captured a couple interesting views. Here’s the Shoe Tree – where visitors hang their shoes:


Below is a wide-angle view of Middleage – the stage station, bar, and motel are to the left (South-West); the old Lincoln Highway to the right of center heading into the distance (West); and at right, the side road (NV 361) that heads NorthWest to the intersection with US 50. CLICK THE IMAGE to see the large-sized panorama:


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One Response to “Middlegate and Shoe Tree seen on street views”

  1. Bob Dieterich Says:

    Google street views are fantastic. I was “wandering around” last night and found the Western Terminus marker and interpretive plaque in front of the Palace of Legion of Honor in San Francisco. They are both visible in the same view.

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