Lincoln Highway imagery in Roadside USA book

I received a copy of the new Roadside USA book by Shellee Graham and Jim Ross. There are a number of Lincoln Highway images such as this shot of Orr’s Ranch in Utah.


The book’s 30 main images are made like postcards, with a caption on back joined by a related photo. These are not captioned but are locations closely associated with the front image. The Lincoln Highway is featured in 5 of the main images, a pretty good percentage, but if you like roadside imagery you love them all, from Route 66 diners to a gas pump on the Ozark Trails. At $10.95, you’ll want to buy some as gifts, or get a couple for yourself: save one and mail postcards from the other.

The 64-page paperback is available on <a title=”Roadside USA book by Graham and Ross” href=”;tag=boobybribut-20&amp;linkCode=xm2&amp;camp=1789&amp;creativeASIN=096774816X&#8221; target=”_blank”>Amazon</a>.


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