Deco bridge restoration to restore original look

The Veterans Memorial Bridge linking Columbia with Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, may soon be getting a facelift. The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal reports that on April 30, 3 pm, at the Columbia Borough building, the nonprofit Lancaster-York Heritage Region will unveil plans for the renovation of the bridge and ask for public input.


Plans call for a three-phase project. In the first phase, workers would replace the “cobra” streetlights put in during the 1970s with reproductions of the original art deco lights used when the bridge first opened to traffic in September 1930….

The second phase would concentrate on the “travel plazas” at either end of the bridge, including upgrades such as new landscaping and pedestrian improvements such as traffic islands or “roundabouts” like those found in Gettysburg and Abbotstown.

The project’s final phase would involve “under-lighting” the bridge’s reinforced concrete arches. “This last phase would be aimed at travelers going across the nearby Route 30 bridge,” Pinkerton said.

I am also quoted in the article, in varying degrees of accuracy.

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