Lincoln Highway is a hit … times 100,000

The odometer on this blog just rolled 100,000 hits. Launched in October 2007, the purpose remains to keep readers and myself informed and entertained. For your enjoyment, here’s a view from Wyoming of Hostler’s General Store, and a Muffler Man-turned-Jack Hammer at the minor league Silver Cross Field between the original Lincoln Highway and the current eastbound routing (aka US 30) in Joliet, Illinois.

I hope these and the rest of the blog inspire you to hit the (two-lane) road and create your own road trip memories. And please send us some of your photos to post.



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5 Responses to “Lincoln Highway is a hit … times 100,000”

  1. Roadog Says:

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on Big No. 100,000!!!!

    This is THE place to go for info on the Lincoln Highway.

  2. minnemom Says:


  3. Vintage Roadside Says:

    Congratulations Brian! Thanks for all the fantastic history and news you share.

  4. lincolnhighwayman Says:

    Congratulations, Brian. 100,000 hits is a real achievement!

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