Lincoln Highway Companion out, online

lhc_covershadloSome people still ask if my new book Lincoln Highway Companion has been published and I’m glad to say yes, it’s available. Below is a picture from A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway producer Rick Sebak of local friend Tom Weisbecker with the book at his Isaly’s dairy store in West View, north of Pittsburgh. (And if you haven’t been to Isaly’s lately, or ever, take a trip there this week: 448 Perrysville Ave/US 19, north of Pittsburgh.)

Sebak_Weisbecker LHC

LHC list price is $26.95 and it’s available in bookstores — if not on the shelf, they can order it for you — or get it from Amazon at a discount price of $17.35. Or get one from Tom for $19.99 and enjoy a meal while you’re there.

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