More Lincoln Highway signs for Tracy, California

From the Tracy Press, a story that more Historic Lincoln Highway signs are being placed in Tracy, California.

CA_Tracy sign

On Wednesday morning, city employee affixed a Lincoln Highway sign to a metal post on westbound Byron Road just west of Corral Hollow Road, joining three signs were on 11th Street. A second new sign was placed just east of Civic Center Drive on eastbound 11th Street. LHA member Mike Kaelin said signs will soon be placed on the Old Altamont Road between Tracy and Livermore.

LHA president Bob Dieterich adds, “The credit for this belongs to Mike. He has gotten signs installed on Mountain House, Summit Garage at Altamont Pass, and Banta Inn. He has been working with local politicians and is close to agreement for signing the entire Altamont Pass Road.”

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One Response to “More Lincoln Highway signs for Tracy, California”

  1. loungelistener Says:

    More signs along the LH are a *great* thing! If I could suggest one addition, it would be that those erecting signs also consider putting arrows on them as well, pointing which way the route heads. In quite a few towns, I saw signs, but had no idea which way they intended me to go. Simple arrows don’t cost that much more, and can be a great help to travelers.

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