Lincoln Highway Assoc posts basic maps online

Paul Gilger, head of the mapping committee for the Lincoln Highway Association, has uploaded a national and statewide maps of the Lincoln Highway to the LHA site. Though they only show basic routings, the maps should be a huge benefit to fans thinking of following the first coast-to-coast highway.

Paul explained a little about the layout and process of creating them:

Once you get to the United States map, you click on the individual states to go to that state map.  (There is also a place to click at the top of the page to get to the states.)  Once on the state maps, you can click and go from state to state.

As you can see, at this scale, these maps can only be very generic, and can only show the general layout of the Lincoln Highway.  Included are the county names, the names of major cities, and the route signs for the major highways that follow the Lincoln. To see the exact location of all the alignments, it is still necessary to purchase the Lincoln Highway Driving Maps CD.

It has taken 2 years to format these maps, and then another year to set up the map pages.  A very big thank you goes to our webmaster Jimmy Lin who worked hand-in-hand with me.  I provided the map artwork, and then Jimmy set up the pages and their various cross-links.  He also provided many graphic refinements to the maps.

You’ll find the maps at

To purchase the Driving Maps CD, visit the Lincoln Highway Trading Post.

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  1. Diane Rossiter Says:

    Brian, I love the new look for the newsletter — the snow falling is a nice touch. Merry Christmas!

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