Looking for pottery place near Ship Hotel

David Schwartz writes from California with a question:

Forty years ago, I rode Route 30 on my Honda Superhawk 305 from Pittsburgh to New Jersey to visit my girlfriend. Somewhere east of the Ship Hotel, I stopped for gas and a snack at a roadside establishment that had a large yard full of pottery figurines and lawn ornaments. The owners made and painted the stuff themselves. Do you have any idea what the name of the place was and if they or their successors are still in business?

Does anyone else recall this pottery business that would have been near Bedford, Pa.?

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4 Responses to “Looking for pottery place near Ship Hotel”

  1. Van Becker Says:

    Lets review. Forty years ago. East of the Ship Hotel. A yard full of pottery. Near a gas station.
    Hmmmm. Did David include a photo of his girlfriend ??

  2. Ken Gardner Says:

    If its the place I am thinking of it was a Red barn just west of Shellsburg near Falkland farms. On the left hand side as you headed east.

  3. Carol Winegardner Says:

    In reference to your pottery question. It was called Shawnee Gift Shop. Cora Griffin was the owner, she poured and painted the lawn ornaments by herself. She died years ago and her shop and personal items were auctioned off. Her home is now a private residence. The gas station you stoped at is now an ice cream stand and gift shop. I have lived in Schellsburg all my life that’s how I know this.

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