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Looking for pottery place near Ship Hotel

February 18, 2010

David Schwartz writes from California with a question:

Forty years ago, I rode Route 30 on my Honda Superhawk 305 from Pittsburgh to New Jersey to visit my girlfriend. Somewhere east of the Ship Hotel, I stopped for gas and a snack at a roadside establishment that had a large yard full of pottery figurines and lawn ornaments. The owners made and painted the stuff themselves. Do you have any idea what the name of the place was and if they or their successors are still in business?

Does anyone else recall this pottery business that would have been near Bedford, Pa.?

Aurora IL mounts Lincoln Highway mural today

January 14, 2010

Various local editions of Suburban Chicago News are telling of work today about noon to mount a new Lincoln Highway mural in Aurora, Illinois. The 200-square-foot mural, spearheaded by the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition, depicts the city nearly a century ago, when the Lincoln Highway was the premier transcontinental trail.

Coalition Associate Director Diane Rossiter explains, “Each mural is painted on what’s called di-bond – a vinyl clad aluminum product — so if a building is remodeled or torn down, we could take it down without losing it.” The mural is on the north wall of the La Quinta de Los Reyes restaurant, 50 N. Broadway. Click HERE to see the image below larger.

The project has been in the works for years, according to Sue Vos, head of the Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau…. Each mural costs roughly $10,000, but the cities and towns receiving them are asked to contribute very little, Vos said. Aurora was responsible for finding a building owner willing to host the mural and for installing the brackets to hang it. The image of a streetscape lit by electric street lamps was chosen by Vos, her staff and the Aurora Historical Society.

Aurora was the first community in Illinois to install electric streetlights in the early days of last century, which led to its official nickname: the City of Lights.

Visit for more information on the Lincoln Highway Coalition and the murals.

NOTE: A nice UPDATE ran the day after.