Ghostin' all the way, on the Lincoln Highway

My editor, Kyle Weaver, has asked a number of times if there are enough haunted places along the Lincoln Highway to fill a book. I know of many rumors but only a couple stories (and ghosts) jump out. How about it — do you know of any good ghost stories from the Lincoln Highway?

PS: Today’s blog title is a reference to a song by Buddy Nutt that I love, “Goin All the Way (on the Lincoln Highway).” To hear an extended demo of the one heard in Rick Sebak’s PBS special about the Lincoln Highway, CLICK HERE.

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3 Responses to “Ghostin' all the way, on the Lincoln Highway”

  1. Nance Says:

    Brian, check out our new item #626 on our website. Mr. Carlson will be writing about more states along the Lincoln Highway in the future

  2. Bob Dieterich Says:


    The Banta Inn on the LH in Banta, CA, between Stockton and Tracy is supposed to be haunted. That is their claim to fame. We have had a couple of CA chapter meetings there, and a lot of info is available, but I don’t have it with me. Can get you more if you want.

  3. Rick Sebak Says:

    BRIAN We drove today from Pittsburgh to Wellsville NY, and mid afternoon, we listened to the complete “The Lincoln Highway Song” on Buddy Nutt’s second album titled “Self-Checkout.” We of course all love the song too.

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