Kennedy sings of Lincoln Highway, Main Streets

You’ll wanna check out Chris Kennedy’s new CD, Postcards from Main Street, a collection of 11 odes to small towns, 2-lane roads, and a simpler, slower life. Sounding like 1970s singer songwriters such as James Taylor and maybe Gordon Lightfoot, Kennedy and his acoustic guitar sing of your favorite cross-country road on the fourth track, “Looking for the Lincoln Highway.”

Here’s an excerpt:

thieves have long since stolen, the bronze of Lincoln’s head;
but an arrow and an L still point the way in white, blue, and red;
for any wistful wanderer weary of the Interstate …

who needs to go, down the road….

the Lincoln’s mostly gone now, pieces of it last;
but not many of us see them, ’cause we’re drivin by so fast….
so as you do your ramblin, as you hear the highway call;
try to read the fading letters on the crumblin old brick walls;
try to scratch beneath the surface of that monster Interstate;
you know there’s memories off Route 30 but the days are gettin late,
they’re bound to go, down the road….

The CD covers feature postcards from Kennedy’s hometown of Rock Springs, where he is Associate Professor of Communication at Western Wyoming Community College. You can get your CD by sending $15 to Chris Kennedy, 108 South Main St, Rock Springs, WY 82901.

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