Palmantier's Motel saved and open for business!

Scott Segeti, former owner of Palmantier’s Motel, said he was  “lured to these parts by the beauty of nearby farm fields, grazing cattle, grassy meadows, chirping birds, fresh air and an opportunity to be his own boss.”

Now Rainie Sonntag wrote to say:

My husband and I have the same dream so we went to the auction and purchased the Palmantier’s Motel. We fell in love with the place when we saw it. We had to have it. My mother was the long time owner of the Akron Turnpike Motel. She too had a dream and we helped her make it happen with her motel. Now we plan to do the same with ours!! We purchased it in July and we are now open. So for all you folks who stayed there in the past please return and make it happen.

Palmantier’s Motel, opened 1947, is a classic 9-unit motel along the Lincoln Highway in eastern Ohio. Segeti put it up for auction, saying he was struggling. The beautiful motel is within sight of the famous stretch of Baywood Road paved in red bricks (bottom center of photo). The new # for reservations is (330) 868-6000.

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2 Responses to “Palmantier's Motel saved and open for business!”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    Excellent news. Hope I can get up there for a night or two this summer.

  2. Rainie Sonntag Says:

    Thanks for printing our great news. We’re still trying to get a website. For now this is a big help. Our new phone # is 330-868-6000.

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