Cave Rock on Lake Tahoe again in dispute

The Los Angeles Times reports that while planning for a 30-mile bike path along the Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe moves ahead, concerns from local Native Americans may halt the project at Cave Rock, considered a sacred site by the Washoe Tribe. The vintage slide below shows the site before a second tunnel was bored; the Lincoln Highway originally ran around the left side, which overlooks the lake.

The path is to be part of the Nevada Stateline-to-Stateline Bikeway Project, which aims to provide non-auto transportation opportunities that link recreation areas, community centers, transportation facilities, and neighborhoods in the bikeway corridor to expand recreational access and transportation choices for residents and visitors to the Tahoe Basin.

The Native American tribe doesn’t want people traveling around either side of the rock, which has been the target of past lawsuits over rock climbing. Proponents have looked into a route that would take the bikeway down the Old Lincoln Highway route, which roughly detours around Cave Rock on the lake side.

“The tribe is not interested in us using the Old Lincoln Highway,” project manager Karen Mullen told the Carson County Board of Supervisors earlier this week. “They are also not interested in us using the trail system around the other way.”

Project leaders told the board they want to keep the cycling route off U.S. Highway 50 as much as possible for the good of bikers and motorists alike. The path would connect Stateline on the south shore to Crystal Bay in the north.

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