Bill & Karen's new Lincoln Highway trip

Long-distance travelers Bill and Karen post wonderful stories and photos about their 2-lane trips. The Ontario couple last drove the Lincoln Highway in 2009 and have used my books to track down every highlight and report back lots of updates. This year they picked up the LH near Downingtown, Pa., on Day 34 of their trip and traveled west  to Plainfield, Illinois, by Day 50. Travel along at

Bill writes: We concluded our Lincoln Highway road trip at the same spot in Plainfield Illinois where we started the journey on July 7, 2009. It also marks the spot where we concluded our Route 66 road trip in 2008.  This spot is where the two roads share the same 3 blocks…. All we need to do now is to drive from Times Square NY to Exton PA and we will have completely driven the Lincoln Highway from beginning to end.

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2 Responses to “Bill & Karen's new Lincoln Highway trip”

  1. roadsidenut Says:

    Oh dear — looks like the Modernaire removed the neon and repainted the sign:

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