Norwegian plans for 2013 Lincoln Highway Tour

If you have a reliable car from pre-1979, 4 weeks to spare in July 2013, and a sense of adventure, you qualify for the LH 2013 Centennial Tour!

As the group explains at

Our goal is to gather 100 participants who will ship their historic vehicles to the U.S from overseas and spend 4 weeks crossing the American Continent on the Lincoln Highway. This will help raise public awareness and renew interest in the Lincoln Highway during its centennial celebration. U.S residents are also encouraged to join the tour making it as grand and diverse as possible. The tour will conclude at the Lincoln Highway’s western terminus; the Lincoln Park in San Francisco on July 26th, 2013, having covered an approximate 3,389 miles and journeyed through 13 states.

In June 2006, 17 antique American cars from Norway traveled Route 66 on its 80th anniversary. The trip was a private initiative by Harry & Henning Kjensli accompanied by friends and like minded Norwegian enthusiasts. The response received from participants and the public inspired them to launch the 2013 Lincoln Highway Centennial Tour. Check the web site for more info, including a schedule of each day’s travels.

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3 Responses to “Norwegian plans for 2013 Lincoln Highway Tour”

  1. Bill McKibbon Says:

    I have the time, but not the pre 1979 vehicle… would Karen and I still be able to participate?

    Thanks… Bill

  2. Enthusiasts from Norway plan for 2013 Lincoln Highway tour | Lincoln Highway Association Says:

    […] Norwegian plans for 2013 Lincoln Highway Tour, Brian Butko, Lincoln Highway News, October 19, 2011 ← Fort Wayne, IN looks forward to Lincoln Highway’s new “byway” designation […]

  3. Helge Holst Says:

    We are interested, but our car looks like it is made round 50 years ago, but is is only four years. You probably guessed it; it is a Morgan.


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