Hit the road with MyLincolnHighway

Stuck inside with no road trips till Spring? Click on over to mylincolnhighway.com for a fun look at some LH travels in Ohio. Jamie calls her blog “A somewhat baised guide to the greatest road across the USA.”

Her trips so far are mostly in east-central Ohio but she’s also traveled a few times to Grand View Point near Bedford, Pennsylvania, and even visited the new Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum past Chambersburg. Below, she is at Grand View Point (which was renamed Mt. Ararat a couple decades ago when the Ship Hotel was ark-ified). The view of the gas station across the road. Note the pillar on the right is missing, spelling certain doom for the roof. Also note the graffiti artist reminding us of their trip in “20010”!

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5 Responses to “Hit the road with MyLincolnHighway”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    A “fun look” is right and I’m sure you’re not knocking drives “mostly in east-central Ohio”. Nice blog. That poor little station at Grand View Point is sure looking sad but it’s hanging tough.

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Knocking? Never! I am Mister Positive, Denny — I hope that is obvious! I just don’t want readers to log on and expect tales of travel through the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada.

  3. mylincolnhighway Says:

    Ohio rocks! Why else would we be having the national Lincoln Highway conference this year? 🙂 (Which of course I will be attending and reporting in on.)

    Someday I’ll make it further west, but from all I’ve seen thus far (including half of the cross country tour going as far as Nebraska) I must confess a particular love for both the Ohio and Pennsylvania portions of the road. Thanks for mentioning my blog, though. I’ve enjoyed so much the places I’ve gone so far and look forward to many, many new ones in the future!

  4. loungelistener Says:

    Beyond Nebraska, the LH becomes almost magical. The wide (and I mean w-i-d-e) open spaces, driving on dirt sections unchanged from when the road was brand new, seeing slices of an America that isn’t all that different from when Carl Fisher was still alive. It’s really something, believe me. Be out west of Rock River when a fierce thunderstorm comes ripping through, now that’s awe-inspiring *and* exciting. (…and kinda scary too!) I love the LH, probably even more than Route 66.

  5. Another Lincoln Highway travel blog | Lincoln Highway Association Says:

    […] Hit the road with MyLincolnHighway, Brian Butko, Lincoln Highway News, January 9, 2012 ← Sprucing up the Lincoln Highway in Nebraska […]

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