Lincoln Highway Companion extra photo 1

As I prepare to hand to my publisher the images for my next book, Lincoln Highway Companion, I’m left with hundreds that just don’t fit. They’re fine photos, but I have a page count that I can’t exceed and it’s already filled. So here’s the first of the runner-ups.


I’ve photographed this neon sign for at least 15 years. It’s in West Virgina very close to the Pennsylvania border. The sign and entrance face the parking lot – in the rear of the nightclub! The Lincoln Highway opened here in 1928 – I’ve always wondered if it originally came down this side and was later moved to the front side of the building to make the road straighter.

In this other angle I posted on Flickr, you can see that under the Carriage Club neon is lettering for what must be an earlier name, the Half Moon Club. Any West Virginians know more about the club or the road here?

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One Response to “Lincoln Highway Companion extra photo 1”

  1. MrBreeze Says:

    The Sign you are refering to is actually in the back of the orginal nightclub ( HALF MOON) the road was always where it is and the club was a two level privet club build sometime in the late 30s or 40’s with bar, food, pool , dancing upstairs and down was the “Privet ” club part used for gambeling and other things from what I understand. Mostly used by alote of people from Pittsburg as it was across the state line and easy to get away and back across the State Line into Pa. there was 6 or 7 bars on that streach of road for all the same reason The Carriage club actually was opened in the 80’s and was a nice club that had dancing pool and food as well not sure what happened to it now as I moved in the late 80’s

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