Two snowy views of Lincoln Highway, Donner Pass

Grant Gassman, a member of the Lincoln Highway California Chapter, took these photos on January 10, 2009, of the Lincoln Highway at Donner Pass and Paul Gilger kindly sent them on. The first photo is a wonderful vista of Donner Lake and the road, taken with a zoom lens from the lookout at the end of the Rainbow Bridge atop Donner Pass.


The second photo is the original Lincoln Highway alignment underpass under the Transcontinental Railroad, and part of the adjacent China Wall.  You can see how the snow drifts completely over the old road, even from just a modest snowfall.


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One Response to “Two snowy views of Lincoln Highway, Donner Pass”

  1. Diane Rossiter Says:

    Those photos are great! In 1979, I was on Donner Pass — but too young to realize I was on a piece of the original transcontinental highway. Now, much older, I’m looking forward to traveling it again so I can get the true experience. Keep up the good work, Brian. I always enjoy your site.

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