Lincoln Highway Consul porcelain sign auctioned

California LHA newsletter editor Gary Kinst writes with an intriguing story and photo. “Wondering how many Lincoln Highway collectors have come across one of these signs? I would guess that there weren’t more than 13 at anyone time. I discovered this sign at a Gas Bash (petroleum collectors swap meet) in Escalon, California. After returning home I searched the internet for Lincoln Highway State Consul signs and came upon the exact same sign that had been sold at auction in Las Vegas last month.”


The original Lincoln Highway Association used a system of consuls to monitor the road for improvements, problems, etc., at state, county, and local levels. Tell us if you know more about these signs and if you’ve ever seen one.

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One Response to “Lincoln Highway Consul porcelain sign auctioned”

  1. mandy C. Says:

    I love this sign!! We are looking for an original, cool sign with “Lincoln” on it because we just named our son Lincoln. Are you willing to sell something like this, and what would you value it at? Thanks!!


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