Marshalltown IA — Stone's Restaurant to reopen

A Lincoln Highway landmark closed the past two years is set to reopen. Eagle-eyed “Loungelistener” stopped on his cross-country LH trip to photograph the giant sign for Stone’s in Marshalltown, Iowa, and noticed activity at the closed restaurant. He took this photo and reported on his blog,

As I drove around under the viaduct, I could indeed see action at the restaurant. Workmen were busily scurring around, saws and hammers sounding out. There certainly was something going on.


Indeed, the Marshalltown Times-Republican reports that new owner Steve Badger will reopen on September 1:

“It has been a challenge because starting a restaurant is a very complex process, but you hate to see something that’s been part of the community for so long disappear.”

An aroma of baked goods will add to vintage ambiance ranging from cinnamon rolls, pies and cornbread; edibles will include soups and salads, sandwiches, steaks, fresh fish and diet-conscious or vegetarian foods. A featured entree will be pan-fried chicken – cooked in cast iron skillets — served with fresh mashed potatoes and gravy.

“We’re trying to provide something for everybody,” Badger said. “It’s traditional Midwest cooking.”

And everything will be homemade…. On whether Stone’s will serve dishes reminiscent of menu favorites, Badger said one thing is certain.

“Yes, we’re going to have the pie,” he laughed. “But it might only be a half-mile high.”

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3 Responses to “Marshalltown IA — Stone's Restaurant to reopen”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    Great news. Maybe I’ll get some of that silk pie now.

    We were by it this past weekend, but didn’t see any activity and had to “settle” for Taylor’s.

    We were on the Iowa River to River Tour. Great Time!!

  2. Don Whitmer Says:

    Silk pies, don’t be silly. Stone’s pie is “mile high” lemon chiffon pie. That’s been around since 1920 or before.

  3. Grumpyoleman Says:

    Good to hear. I’ve been wanting to visit Stone’s since I was a kid. My grandfather was closely related to George and Anna Stone so I’m a descendant of the founding family. I hope it retains its ’20s style and ambiance. I will certainly try to visit in the next year or so.

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