Lincoln Highway in new Transportation Museum


The Pilot News of Marshall County, Indiana, reports that Plymouth, a town along the Lincoln Highway in central Indiana, has opened a new transportation museum that includes the famed coast-to-coast road:

A ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday marked the culmination of the efforts of many individuals, businesses, and organizations that contributed to the expansion of the Marshall County Historical Society and Museum. Welcoming the guests for the occasion was the president of the Historical Society, Dr. Ronald Liechty. Dr. Liechty explained that the process started full steam upon receiving an INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) grant in 2005 to open a transportation museum….

Local resident Kurt Garner was among those in the audience with deep affection for the completed project. Garner was one of several who were instrumental in formulating the original concept of the Transportation Museum highlighting the crossroads of the Dixie Highway: 1915, Yellowstone Trail: 1912-1930, Grand Army of the Republic (U.S. 6): 1931-present, Lincoln Highway: 1913-1950s, and Michigan Road: 1826-1900.

Garner said, “It is a great asset to the county. The museum will be a huge draw across the state for those interested in discovering historic routes.”

The museum is located in the Lauer Building at 123 North Michigan St., Plymouth, (574) 936-2306 or visit The above map of the town is from the LHA’s DeLorme road atlas package; click here to purchase your own — the 2007 version is on sale for $12.50, nearly 70% off while the 2010 edition is prepared.

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2 Responses to “Lincoln Highway in new Transportation Museum”

  1. Jim Says:

    I happen to know Kurt Garner — he’s also involved with having the LH named a historic byway across Indiana.

    If I may plug another road effort: Kurt and I are working together to have the Michigan Road, on which the museum stands, named a state historic byway. It’s an 1830s pathway linking the Ohio River to Lake Michigan. For more info, see

  2. Jan Shupert-Arick Says:

    It is interesting that this transportation exhibit in Marshall County will be on Carl Fisher’s “other road” – the Dixie Highway – also known as the Michigan Road in the Plymouth, Indiana area. Congrats on completing the building and now we’re in the exhibit development phase and looking for artifacts relating to the Lincoln Highway, Dixie Highway, Michigan Road, the GAR Highway and the Yellowstone Trail. All of these routes passed through Marshall County Indiana (the Lincoln Highway’s 1928 route).

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