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Lincoln Highway in new Transportation Museum

October 28, 2009


The Pilot News of Marshall County, Indiana, reports that Plymouth, a town along the Lincoln Highway in central Indiana, has opened a new transportation museum that includes the famed coast-to-coast road:

A ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday marked the culmination of the efforts of many individuals, businesses, and organizations that contributed to the expansion of the Marshall County Historical Society and Museum. Welcoming the guests for the occasion was the president of the Historical Society, Dr. Ronald Liechty. Dr. Liechty explained that the process started full steam upon receiving an INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) grant in 2005 to open a transportation museum….

Local resident Kurt Garner was among those in the audience with deep affection for the completed project. Garner was one of several who were instrumental in formulating the original concept of the Transportation Museum highlighting the crossroads of the Dixie Highway: 1915, Yellowstone Trail: 1912-1930, Grand Army of the Republic (U.S. 6): 1931-present, Lincoln Highway: 1913-1950s, and Michigan Road: 1826-1900.

Garner said, “It is a great asset to the county. The museum will be a huge draw across the state for those interested in discovering historic routes.”

The museum is located in the Lauer Building at 123 North Michigan St., Plymouth, (574) 936-2306 or visit The above map of the town is from the LHA’s DeLorme road atlas package; click here to purchase your own — the 2007 version is on sale for $12.50, nearly 70% off while the 2010 edition is prepared.

ABC News follows Route 66 west

May 11, 2009

abc_12_090508_ssvI managed to catch pink eye – ouch – so can’t type much but thought Lincoln Highway fans might be interested in seeing how ABC News weekend anchors are traveling Route 66 west (unexplainedly skipping Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas). Kate Snow and her sister drive the first two segments in a 1958 Ford Fairlane hardtop convertible (seen here at the former U-Drop Inn Cafe, Shamrock, Texas). Read the story HERE.

NOTE: ABC has disabled embedding. Below is the first segment from another source.

Here are the ABC links, including the second video: ONE and TWO.

The final two segments will feature the two male anchors heading further west.

Lincoln Motor Court a Lincoln Highway must-stop

September 15, 2008

The Lincoln Motor Court west of Bedford, Pennsylvania, may be the last of the vintage courts still serving overnight guests along the Lincoln Highway. Denny Gibson stayed there Thursday night and wrote, “Despite looking the same from the outside, each of the cabins is just a bit different inside. I was in #6 this time and it is a bit more romantic than my previous accommodations. Note the champagne flutes and the vines near the bed. Hope I didn’t displace some late arriving honeymooners.” Click Denny’s photo below to see the interior larger:

Read more of Denny’s trips HERE, including a visit to the stone bridge at the Philly border.

Lincoln Motor Court was built before 1945; Bob and Debbie Altizer have been taking care of it for 25 years. As you can imagine, there are many challenges to maintaining vintage cabins from painting, plumbing, and wiring to keeping the cottages comfortable. Replacing the roofs have long been a goal but that is expenesive and grants are typically for non-profits. Help preserve this rare resource by staying overnight next time you’re in Pennsylvania. And look for the Altizers and their court in the forthcoming PBS special.

Lincoln Motor Court
5104 Lincoln Highway
Manns Choice, PA 15550
(814) 733-2891

Joy historical sign and conference wrap-up

June 25, 2008

Randy Wagner kindly sent a photo of the new state historical sign marking the original site of the Henry Joy monument. The sign was recently installed just off exit 184 of I-80. The Lincoln Highway runs to its right, and I-80 can be seen heading to the horizon. For more info, see my earlier post.

Also, the Uinta County Herald ran a nice story yesterday about the just-concluded 2008 LHA national conference.