New Lincoln Highway gazebo for Rochelle, IL

A ceremony was recently held in Rochelle, Illinois, to celebrate a new Lincoln Highway gazebo at the Rochelle Railroad Park off of Ninth Street. The gazebo is one of 16 along the Lincoln Highway in Illinois between Fulton in the west and Park Forest in the east. Stories appeared here and here.



Bonnie Heimbach, ILHC Project Director and Executive Director of the Northern Illinois Tourism Development Office, says they are an effort to interpret the stories of the highway: “These 16 gazebos represent our organization’s first ‘bricks and mortar’ project and we’re very proud of the outcome. This project will give travelers an opportunity to learn more about the Lincoln Highway as well as the community they are visiting.”

For more information on the Lincoln Highway through Illinois, including places to see, things to do, and stories of the highway’s significance and history, visit

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2 Responses to “New Lincoln Highway gazebo for Rochelle, IL”

  1. Bonnie Heimbach Says:

    Brain, thanks for always being a champion of the projects and initiatives for the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition. Its great to hear about the activities in the other LH states, and always a proud moment when we see that you are talking about us. Thanks again!

  2. Diane Rossiter Says:


    Great article — thank you! The pictures you show are the gazebo in Malta (at the Seedling Mile on the Kishwaukee College Campus) and the one in Creston. We have some great pics of the Rochelle gazebo at the Railroad Park, if you like them. Let me know!

    Thank you, again, for your continued support.

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