Pollardville roadside attraction demolished in CA

A colorful roadside attraction along the Lincoln Highway in western California is finally being demolished after closing in 2007.

The Lodi News-Sentinel reports that Pollardville, “once home to staged gunfights, Vaudeville plays and juicy fried chicken, was systematically demolished Tuesday morning.” The site included a ghost town that featured the set of the 1957 film “The Big Country,” with actors portraying bank robbers and sheriffs, the Pollardville Palace Showboat Dinner Theater, and the Chicken Kitchen, formerly the Polynesian-themed Islander Restaurant from Stockton.

The odors from the machine’s diesel engine served as a sharp contrast to the former aromas of mashed potatoes and comfort food Pollardville’s restaurants were once known for. The creaking of the structures collapsing was balanced by the sound of the cars quickly zipping past on Highway 99

Only hint of good news?? The company that handled the demolition said the 50-foot Pollardville sign will remain  until someone buys the property and decides what to do with it.

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3 Responses to “Pollardville roadside attraction demolished in CA”

  1. Scott Cherney Says:

    As a ex-Ghost Town gunslinger and former Palace Showboat player, I found it sadder that Pollardville sat in decaying ruins for the past several years than when it was finally put out of its misery. After the last Pollardville reunion in 2007, it was tough to say goodbye, but I made my peace with it and walked away, never to return. I wasn’t there for the demolition either and didn’t really want to watch any news footage since I thought it might be like watching the autopsy of a close relative. Now it’s all gone, but it lives forever in the hearts and minds of those of us who had the privilege to play cowboy on its streets, perform on its stage and live life to the fullest as we only could in the magical place known as Pollardville.

  2. D.Billinger Says:

    so sorry to hear of the closing. My Uncle Tom Hoffman played the sheriff there in 1970’s and I really don”t know how long. Only know he was a carpenter and helped put some of the Building up. Sadly I beleve he even died there in his sleep not sure of all the details. Only that he loved the place and was very proud of his part that he played in building it and working there. He was my favorite Uncle but did not see much of him as his heart was in California and not Missouri. Always wanted to come and see this place for myself but never made it. But it will be in my heart as the place my Uncle loved.

  3. Jason horst Says:

    In the late 70’s I spent alot of time running around pollardville as a 5 year old kid.My dad was a gunslinger and my mom was a saloon girl.Pollardville was my daycare with all the colarfull people that worked there.From Sherriff John to the train engineer,to a 5 year old it felt like a real old west town.what a wonderful childhood I had.I will always remember how unique and authentic pollardville was, and miss it dearly.
    I hope someday I wil be able to taste that great fried chicken again.Oh yes,that chicken.

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