Kearney plans 2013 Lincoln Highway centennial

The Kearney Hub reported on the Lincoln Highway Association’s plans to celebrate the road’s centennial in the Nebraska city, including new signage.

“This is something that we have wanted to accomplish for a number of years, and it’s wonderful to see the signs up representing the history that once passed through our community,” said Sarah Focke of the Kearney Visitors Bureau.

The visitors bureau has been working with several other Kearney organizations to erect the 12 signs and to lay the groundwork for the Lincoln Highway Association’s 2013 convention in Kearney.

The markers, with the letter “L” and red and blue bands, are going up along Highway 30, which passes east to west through Kearney.

A full article was in the May 26 Hub print edition.

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One Response to “Kearney plans 2013 Lincoln Highway centennial”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    “…the first major road between Boston and San Francisco…”

    Think that’s a ploy to get Massachusetts to chip in on the signs?

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