Couple with trailer following Lincoln Highway

At the LHA conference I had the pleasure of meeting John and Joyce Jackson of Delaware, Ohio, who were following the Lincoln Highway westward using my LH Companion guidebook! What’s more impressive is they are stopping at every place mentioned AND getting signatures when they could!! Turns out they too have a blog that’s a fun-to-read adventure at After driving from NYC to Indiana last year, they’ve added a 12-foot Ridgeline travel trailer to hitch to their Lincoln Town Car for 2010 as they head to the Pacific. Here they are on gravel Lincoln Highway between Ogden and Beaver, Iowa.

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2 Responses to “Couple with trailer following Lincoln Highway”

  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    I heard talk of someone at the conference who was stopping at every spot mentioned in the “LH Companion” but I missed meeting them. I’d have put in the necessary effort had I known they were from Ohio. I’m set now. Subscribed to their feed and hanging on for the duration.

  2. brianbutko Says:

    Thanks Denny. I think I need to give your some individual attention too, it’s always fun to follow along, whether on the LH or not.

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