Lincoln Highway conf pics & story feature Iowa

Vinton Today ran a nice feature about Iowa attendees to the Lincoln Highway Assn conference. It includes some beautiful images from husband and wife photographers Mike Kelly and Sandra Huemann-Kelly. It also reports on LHA awards bestowed:

The annual banquet June 25 included awards presentations. Van and Bev Becker received an “Exemplary Friend of the Highway Award” for their work in hosting an annual amateur radio event at the Youngville CafĂ© in Benton County. The Beckers secured the permanent call letters “NY2SF” – New York to San Francisco, the route of the Lincoln Highway.

Sandii also sent some pictures to me, including those above. In the first, Illinois chapter Secretary Sue Jacobson’s daughter and grandkids greeted the west tour bus. In the second, LHA past-president Bob Ausberger with Sean and John Fitzsimmons at the Lincoln Highway Art & Photo Show on Wednesday evening.

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One Response to “Lincoln Highway conf pics & story feature Iowa”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    I was checking the Dixon newspapers and only found one article about the LHA’s conference.

    Thanks for finding another one.

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