Mister Ed's Elephant Museum destroyed by fire

Olga A. Herbert, Executive Director of Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, just alerted me that Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum in central Pennsylvania has been destroyed by fire. Owner Ed Gotwalt has spent decades amassing his collection of elephant-themed objects joined to a candy and gift store; he also serves on the Corridor board of directors. Olga said it “burned to the ground late last night, including every elephant. He plans to rebuild and be open by September 1.” Although the news is horrible, it’s equally astounding that he’s ready to rebuild and so quickly! The York Distpatch covers it here and the York Daily Record ran a story about Ed vowing to rebuild.

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14 Responses to “Mister Ed's Elephant Museum destroyed by fire”

  1. Oh No! Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum Destoyed By Fire sez Lincoln Highway News « Retro Roadmap Says:

    […] the details of the Mr. Ed’s Fire here on the Lincoln Highway News- and a speedy recovery to the pachyderms at Mr. […]

  2. wendyvee Says:

    This is so tragic. I have visited several times (most recently in June so that I could feature it on my blog).

    My heart goes out to the Gotwalts.

  3. Jill Rakowicz Says:

    We love you Mr. Ed and we’re here for you! We are starting a collection of elephants for the new chapter of Mr. Ed’s!

  4. Denny Gibson Says:

    Oh no!! Horrible news. I’ve stopped there a few times but never met Mr Ed — yet. I see that “Route 30”, the movie in which he had a feature role, is scheduled for a screening in Fayetteville, PA, tonight (Jul 6). Mr Ed, John Putch, and others are scheduled to be there for a Q&A though I’m guessing that might change.

  5. brianbutko Says:

    Wow, thanks for the movie news. He might just be there, as everyone will want to hear the story. His place played a prominent enough role that he had added on a room for movie memorabilia.

  6. ypsi-slim Says:

    Not to start any conspiracy theory, but it almost seems that there is a
    western PA Lincoln Highway arsonist targeting roadside icons. Tell me
    I’m crazy.

  7. wendyvee Says:

    Heartbreaking video interview with Mr. Ed. http://tinyurl.com/2awfp62

  8. Todd K Says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know I set up an (admittedly amateur) website at http://www.savemistereds.com. My kids really loved the store and museum and I’m primarily hoping to gather some elephant donations to help the museum rebuild.

  9. Kathy Farris Says:

    My Husband drives a tractor trailer truck. He was going through Seven Stars and saw the Elephant Museum. I have received elephants of all kinds over the past 50 years. I have never bought one of them, my collection numbers over 1000 of them. We are downsizing our items in our home. I have been trying to find a home for all of these elephants. Do you know if Mister Ed would be interested in them? I realize you are a newspaper. I am hoping you can contact Mister Ed with this information. Thank you and have a good day!

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