Vintage Palmantier’s Motel set for auction

Mike Hocker, Executive Director of the Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway, writes, “I drove by Palmantier’s Motel near Minerva yesterday and saw a sign for an auction Aug 11th. I guess there is nothing else we can do.” The beautiful 9-unit motel is within sight of the famous stretch of Baywood Road paved in red bricks (bottom center of photo).

Palmantier’s Motel, opened 1947, was purchased five years ago by Scott Segeti, “lured to these parts by the beauty of nearby farm fields, grazing cattle, grassy meadows, chirping birds, fresh air and an opportunity to be his own boss.” By last year, slow business forced him to put the motel, swimming pool, two houses, and 3.25 acres for sale at $425,000.

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2 Responses to “Vintage Palmantier’s Motel set for auction”

  1. Jim Payne Says:

    We drove past Palmantires in May on our Ohio Lincoln Highway trip. The property looks very nice. I hope it has a future as a motel.

  2. Rainie Sonntag Says:

    Still working on a web page. The only way I can get our new phone number out there is to post it on all the pages I can. So here it is folks 330 868 6000. We’re the new owners and we’re working hard on the place. We fell in love with it when we saw it. Please help us keep The Palmantier’s Motel alive.

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