More Lincoln Highway signs for California route

The Tracy Press reports that more reproduction LHA “Control Station” signs are being posted along the original Lincoln Highway route in western California: “A sign tacked on the front of the Tracy Inn provides another identification of 11th Street as a route of the historic Lincoln Highway, the first highway network to span the nation in 1915. The new sign identifies the Inn as a ‘Control Station,’ where motorists using mileage listed on the Lincoln Highway map can exactly gauge their location. Similar signs are being posted in Stockton, French Camp, and Livermore.”

This updates a story posted here last year about the signing the route here. Great work by Mike Kaelin and the California LH supporters!

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One Response to “More Lincoln Highway signs for California route”

  1. RoadDog Says:

    Good signage for the old roads is always a great thing, especially for the casual traveler.

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