Lincoln Highway Buy-Way yard sale this weekend

The fifth annual Lincoln Highway Buy-Way, a yard sale that stretches across five states, will be held Thursday–Saturday August 5–7, 2010. The event was launched in Ohio, then expanded to include West Virginia to the east and Indiana and Illinois to the west. This year the sale has grown to include Iowa. “This event has grown to national awareness in just five years,” said Mike Hocker, executive director of Ohio’s byway group, whose mission is economic development. A free Traveler’s Guide includes a map of Ohio’s Lincoln Highway alignments along with listings of many yard sales and community events along the way. Learn about Ohio here or get other state links on the LHA site.

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One Response to “Lincoln Highway Buy-Way yard sale this weekend”

  1. Jalene Says:

    Where will this be in Iowa? Never heard of this, but love yard sales and this sounds like fun!

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