Boardwalk Empire features Lincoln HIghway sign

PBS producer Rick Sebak wrote to say that the premier of the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire, about the arrival of Prohibition and the growth of organized crime, featured a Lincoln Highway sign.

Young Al Capone was driving a load of stolen liquor to Chicago when the sign went by: “LINCOLN HIGHWAY” with “Chicago 200 Miles” just under that. It was square in shape, navy blue in color, probably metal on a roadside pole.

When the show rebroadcast, Rick took a photo of his TV screen for us! LH fans will recognize that the sign is pure fiction but is based on real-life state-line markers produced in 1917, such as this one from the LHA archives showing the border of Nebraska and Wyoming.

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One Response to “Boardwalk Empire features Lincoln HIghway sign”

  1. Joe Comm Says:

    An article in the Gettysburg Times, March 22, 1930, reported that “Scarface” Al Capone passed through Gettysburg that week “traveling the Lincoln Highway ‘back home.” He “whizzed through town, unrecognized and unseen” bound for Chicago after serving 10 months in the Eastern penitentiary for carrying concealed weapons.”

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