Extra Lane to aid turns at Lincoln Heights PA

A road project in western Pennsylvania will widen eastbound and westbound lanes along the Lincoln Highway/U.S. Route 30 to create a turning lane. The Tribune Review reports that “a 1-1/2-mile stretch in Hempfield to create a center turning lane is on schedule, with the opening of construction bids in November or December…. The project, which is estimated to cost between $7 million and $12 million, has been targeted since the early 1990s, but has funding available from state and federal sources to move forward.”

The project design covers an area near Walton Tea Room Road, just west of the Toll Route 66 interchange, through Lincoln Heights to the Route 30 intersection with Possum Hollow Road and West Penn Drive, near a West Penn Power building and Sacred Heart Cemetery.

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One Response to “Extra Lane to aid turns at Lincoln Heights PA”

  1. Sandi Fitzsimmons - relative Says:

    Hey Brian, check out Utube-the site is Boone Co. picker. Iowa artist for the Lincoln Highway Association has an interview that was done by Channel 13 News out of DesMoines. Shows Lincoln Highway relics and his little town. Would be nice for people to see on your blog.

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