Nebraska Archway gets repro Hammer Motel sign

A former Kearney icon has been replicated at the Great Platte River Road Archway. The Kearney Hub reports that the archway now displays a Hammer Motel sign, a replica of a much larger sign that once stood at the hotel on US 30 at 19th Ave on the west side of Kearney. Ronnie O’Brien, director of education and the Nebraska director for the Lincoln Highway Association, said the Hammer Motel sign was known across the country. The Hammer family operated the motel from 1947 to 1987. It then served as University of Nebraska at Kearney student housing until 1995, when it was razed. A historical marker commemorating a Lincoln Highway Seedling Mile was dedicated in April at the site of the motel.

I first reported on the Hammer Motel in 2008. (click for link)

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One Response to “Nebraska Archway gets repro Hammer Motel sign”

  1. Richard Holben Says:

    If were are going to talk about signs on the Lincoln highway. Is anyone familiar with the sigh that was west of Gold Run that asked people to write their congressman to have the highway enlarged to a freeway?

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