Web Sites related to the LH

Here are links to authors, publishers, photo collections, and other LH boosters.

Books by Brian Butko – my site with descriptions of my books on the Lincoln Highway, roadside America, and other fun stuff.

Lincoln Highway Association – promotes and preserves the road through publications and conferences.

LH Digital Image Collection – thousands of images taken by the original LHA now online from the University of Michigan.

The Patrice Press – Gregory Franzwa’s series of detailed LH state guides from IA to CA.

Lincoln Highway National Museum and Archives – Craig Harmon’s massive online collection of info and ephemera.

Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition – management agency for the only part of the LH designated a National Scenic Byway.

Adventures from Michael Wallis and Michael Williamson as they crossed the country signing The Lincoln Highway: Coast to Coast from Times Square to the Golden Gate.

RWP Photography – Browse or purchase Rick Pisio’s stunning western LH photos, among others

10 x 10 white square

Road trip friends

Roadside Fans – Glenn Wells’ look at roadside culture with a link to his Yahoo Group.

Denny Gibson posts great photos and info from his road trips.

Ron Dylewski’s The American Roadside is an excellent roundup of breaking news.

Randy Garbin’s long-running news and insights at Roadside Online.

Erika Nelson’s World’s Largest Thingsblog and site.

Vintage Roadside sells new t-shirts with vintage roadside graphics.

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