Restaurants on the LH

Links to cool eating places along the Lincoln. Send your recommendations.


New York


New Jersey


. Jennie’s Diner, Ronks – locals and truckers know where to find the best food amid the congestion east of Lancaster – a 1950s pink-and-stainless diner with neon..


West Virginia
. Crickster’s Rock n’ Roll Cafe, E of Chester – ’50s-themed cafe, drive-in-type food and ice cream, drive-through window.
. Connie’s Corner, Chester – family-style food in old downtown building.


. Balyeat’s, Van Wert – classic cafe, great pies and “young fried chicken” neon sign.


. Cindy’s Diner, 830 S. Harrison St., For Wayne, (260) 422-1957, small, busy, excellent Valentine-brand diner.




. Niland’s Cafe, Colo – cool cafe restored as part of a one-stop, known for its Iowa pork tenderloin sandwich.


. McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe, Omaha – vegetarian in vintage Tudor-style gas station.





. Little America, W of Green River, I-80 x68, (307) 875-2400,, founded 1930s, now 140 rooms, truck stop, seven eating options.





. Main Street Shops, Austin – ice cream and antiques in an 1881 mercantile shop.


. Lou LaBonte’s Restaurant, 13460 Lincoln Way, I-80 x121, Auburn, CA (530) 885-9193,, long-time local favorite.

2 Responses to “Restaurants on the LH”

  1. Larry Fiehn Says:

    Cronks Restaurant is right on the Lincoln in Denison, Iowa and has been there, as I recall, since the 1920s. They don’t seem to have their own website.

  2. Margo Says:

    In Gettysburg PA, Ernie’s Texas Lunch is a block west of the square on the Lincoln (Chambersburg St). The outside doesn’t stand out much, but the inside is a really snazzy retro styled lunch counter with lots of old style signs and bright polished chrome… plus the best chili dogs on the planet. (Really good thick skinned hot dogs) Worth a stop if you’re in town.

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