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Postcard Look at Gettysburg Garage

November 11, 2007

Jeff Durbin of Gaithersburg, Maryland, also visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania recently, and sent this postcard of an auto garage on Chambersburg Street. It’s the same one seen in my photo of the Ragged Edge Coffeehouse (you can see the house too that’s now the coffee shop). Looks like they sold Texaco gas, and the caption on back told early motorists what other amenities awaited them:

PA Get garage

The New Eberhart Garage is located on The Lincoln Highway (Chambersburg and Washington Streets). Opposite the New Eagle Hotel and is the finest Garage in southern Pennsylvania having a storage capacity of 150 cars, unsurpassed service, with no waiting to be served. Ladies Rest Room on main floor, free air throughout the building and to the front curb. Absolutely fire proof, constructed of brick, concrete steel and terra cotta. Competent Mechanics. Day and Night Service. Storage, Supplies and Repairs.

Waffles in Chambersburg, Coffee in Gettysburg

October 29, 2007

Unlike most cities in PA, neither Chambersburg nor Gettysburg ever got a LH/US 30 bypass, so the route through the center of each town is often congested. You might hesitate to stop, but it’s not that hard to find a spot or get back into traffic. In Chambersburg, head a block south (109 S Main St) to grab breakfast or lunch at Molly’s. Its traditional name is the Molly Pitcher Waffle Shop, named for a Revolutionary War hero.

PA Molly 1

Theo Katsaounis cooks and sometimes delivers the food himself while Annamarie Erkson handles the work out front. They took over just eight months ago and bring some Greek flair to the menu. You’ll find traditional PA Dutch chicken with gravy over waffles, or try Anna’s Bananas Foster with a buttery rum sauce over caramelized bananas on a Belgian waffle. Omelettes are made open faced, that is, baked in a mini-casserole dish. OPEN Mon-Sat 8am-3pm.

PA Molly 2

About a block west of Gettysburg’s square is the Ragged Edge Coffeehouse (110 Chambersburg St). Open 7 years, it offers a range of coffee and teas, fruit smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries with some seating inside or on a patio.

Get PA coffeehouse 2

Get PA coffeehouse 3

It’s a fashionable hangout for the college crowd but draws a broad clientele. The coffee shop is next to what was built in 1916 as a lavish theater-turned-early auto garage named Eberhart’s then Epley’s, seen in vintage postcards. OPEN daily 6:30am-9pm.

Get PA coffeehouse 1

Road Trip to Gettysburg, PA

October 28, 2007

Lots of miles and lots of photos. Here are some highlights from the drive eastward.

A c. 1980 Honda Gold Wing waits beside a 1928 LHA concrete post in Everett, east of Bedford. If you’re traveling US 30, make sure you exit into the towns along the way.

PA Everett cycle 2

Carolyn Courts sign – love the wavy “air conditioned” lettering!

Carolyn Courts

Traveler’s Rest Motel and restaurant.

Trav Rest

Wiltshire Motel, Breezewood.

Wiltshire Motel

The LHA loved to photograph Sideling Hill looking west. Here it is while driving east.

Sideling Hill

One of the LH Heritage Corridor Pump Parade gas pumps at Oak Forest Restaurant.

Oak Forest Restaurant

Lincoln Lanes east of Chambersburg, with a pin on the roof and new murals.

Lincoln Lanes

LL mural

A Ford and boattail Buick Riviera for sale at Route 30 Motors, Fayetteville.

Ford & Riviera

Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum, the place for candy, peanuts, and offbeat souvenirs. We’ll save details for a future report.

Mr. Ed’s

Hitting the Road to Central PA

October 26, 2007

I’m leaving early Saturday for 3 days on the LH to Gettysburg, PA. No, the 1960 Chevy is not my car, though it is for sale along the Lincoln just west of Minerva, OH. I did own a ’60 Pontiac and ’60 Buick years ago, but that was BK – Before Kids! – so we’ll be in our trusty blue minivan with big LH logo magnets on the side.

1960 Chevy, Minerva, OH