Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor mtg today

The Chambersburg Public Opinion reports that the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor will hold an open house in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, to present ideas and discussions for marketing and preserving the Lincoln Highway. The open house will be from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. in the Disabled American Veterans building, 2705 Lincoln Way West.


Representatives will discuss projects such as Franklin County’s Roadside Giant (an old fruit truck at Shatzer’s Orchard on Lincoln Way West, seen above), restoration of a 1930s diner, the MVPA 2009 Transcontinental Motor Convoy, and information about the Lincoln Highway beyond Franklin County. For information, call (724) 238-9030.

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2 Responses to “Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor mtg today”

  1. mike e Says:

    more bathrooms along the way!

    Think of the women who would feel WAY MORE comfortable driving the Lincoln highway if they knew there were CLEAN bathrooms possibly hooked up to police sub stations.

    clean bathrooms + safe bathrooms + women = $$$ for local businesses

  2. CC Says:


    Does anyone have a photo of the old Lincoln Diner in downtown Chambersburg? When I was a little kid, we lived in Chambersburg near it, but can’t remember the address….

    Although, to tell you the truth, I am not sure that it WAS the Lincoln Diner. It was downtown, with houses near it, but it wasn’t made of stainless steel or anything, it was wood, I think.

    Also, does anyone remember a Greyhound Bus Station somewhere on Lincoln Highway right outside of town?

    Nostalgia! I’d love to see some photos if anyone has them. May have to go back to Chambersburg to the Historical Society to see if there are any pictures in their library.


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