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PA gets new Lincoln Highway board game

October 14, 2009

Students at 61 elementary/middle schools along the historic Lincoln Highway just received copies of The Lincoln Highway Road Trip Board Game, courtesy of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Using pewter-like game pieces (vintage gas tank, suitcase, compass, tourist cabin, postcard, and antique auto) players move along the highway beginning in Irwin. The goal is to be the first to travel 200 miles along the historic highway to Abbottstown.

PA_LHHC board game

A sampling of a few of the 200 question cards (answers at the end):

1) “What Lincoln Highway community had 5 trolley car companies in one town?”  A. Gettysburg; B. Irwin; C. Breezewood; or D. New Oxford.”

2) “Bill’s Place once boasted to have the country’s smallest _________, which tourists often used before leaving the attraction.”  A. Gift Shop; B. Bowling Alley; C. Post Office; or D. Bathroom.

3) “Name the town along the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor that you would most likely see bison roam.”  A. Fayetteville. B. Schellsburg; C. Harrisonville; or D. Tatonkaville.”

LHHC summer intern Alex Gra, developed the game, which meets/exceeds PA Academic Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology, Reading, Speaking and Listening, and History.  In addition to the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, funding support was through The Sprout Fund/Pittsburgh 250/Community Connections in Pittsburgh.

A limited number of the games are available for purchase through the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor website at — click on Gift Shop, then Collectibles; or call the office at 724-238-9030. (Answers: B, C, B)

Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor mtg today

October 8, 2009

The Chambersburg Public Opinion reports that the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor will hold an open house in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, to present ideas and discussions for marketing and preserving the Lincoln Highway. The open house will be from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. in the Disabled American Veterans building, 2705 Lincoln Way West.


Representatives will discuss projects such as Franklin County’s Roadside Giant (an old fruit truck at Shatzer’s Orchard on Lincoln Way West, seen above), restoration of a 1930s diner, the MVPA 2009 Transcontinental Motor Convoy, and information about the Lincoln Highway beyond Franklin County. For information, call (724) 238-9030.

Funding the PA Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

September 28, 2009

The Chambersburg Public Opinion reports that Pennnsylvania’s Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor appears to be one of the casualties of Pennsylvania’s budget battle.

PA_LHHC Lig office

Funding for the historical organization currently isn’t on any recent version of the Commonwealth’s budget, according to Kristin Poerschke, office manager for the Heritage Corridor in Ligioner. Should the organization not be funded with state dollars it would leave them looking at fundraising as its primary source of income potentially.

The Heritage Corridor was started in April 1995 and is one of 12 special “Heritage Areas” in the state devoted to promoting Pennsylvania’s Heritage. The corridor is composed of about 200 miles of U.S. 30, starting in Adams County and traveling west to Westmoreland County….

In previous years, Heritage Areas were funded through the state, with $1.95 million being divided among the dozen organizations. Should the budget pass without funding for the Heritage Areas, the Heritage Corridor will find itself in unfamiliar territory….

The organization will look to raise funding by holding events rather than soliciting donations, she said. The corridor will host an “An Affair with Lincoln” in Ligonier in December that will include arts, crafts, music and an Abraham Lincoln impersonator.

Visit the heritage corridor HQ at 215 East Main St, Ligonier, PA, or go to

Lincoln Highway Experience plans unveiled

February 24, 2009

A new mailer/flyer details plans for the museum building being planned by the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor in western Pennsylvania. The Lincoln Highway Experience will be the largest and most prominent site documenting the Lincoln Highway.


To be located just west of Ligonier, Pa., the Lincoln Highway Experience will tell the story of the highway both in the state and on a national level. Interpretive exhibits will focus on the years 1912-1940 but the emphasis will be on what is still along the corridor, encouraging visitors to get out and drive the road.

The building itself was designed by Venturi Scott Brown Associates, familiar to roadside fans for their pioneering work, including publication of Learning From Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form (1972, revised 1977) by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour. The 10,000 s.f interior was handled by Maude Group and Kissiloff Associates and will include two films.


The LHHC has helped secure and administer grants for dozens of regional projects and is now launching its own capital campaign for the Experience. Donors at the $2,500 level will bceome members of The Lincoln Circle, with naming opportunities. The LHHC was designated in 1995 to promote economic development through tourism. Visit for more information about the Corridor.