New Lincoln Highway photo book underway

For 14 years, Eric and Kass Mencher have devoted their photographic passion to visually documenting the landmarks, landscapes, and people of the Lincoln Highway. They’re in the final stages of self-publishing a book that celebrates the road’s upcoming anniversary. To see  a still-evolving 200+ page prototype click here to see “Almost Heaven.” Make it Full Screen to see the images large.

Even after a self-financed cross-country trip in both directions in 2010, they have some photographic gaps to fill and so are raising funds for the final work. More than $2,000 has been raised from 21 supporters. If you’d like to help, visit For donations of $275 and above, you’ll receive an archival print of your choice from the Lincoln Highway project. For donations of $150-$275, you’ll receive a copy of their prototype book. You can even make a donation without paying for it by clicking on “free credits.”

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One Response to “New Lincoln Highway photo book underway”

  1. Joe Comm Says:

    The “Almost Heaven” Lincoln Highway book is now for sale at The sign on the cover is from my hometown of Chester, WV. It rests against a cement wall which once supported the Chute-the-Shoots Ride in Rock Springs Park and greets travelers from Ohio as they cross the Jennings Randolph Bridge.

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