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New Lincoln Highway photo book underway

October 5, 2011

For 14 years, Eric and Kass Mencher have devoted their photographic passion to visually documenting the landmarks, landscapes, and people of the Lincoln Highway. They’re in the final stages of self-publishing a book that celebrates the road’s upcoming anniversary. To see  a still-evolving 200+ page prototype click here to see “Almost Heaven.” Make it Full Screen to see the images large.

Even after a self-financed cross-country trip in both directions in 2010, they have some photographic gaps to fill and so are raising funds for the final work. More than $2,000 has been raised from 21 supporters. If you’d like to help, visit For donations of $275 and above, you’ll receive an archival print of your choice from the Lincoln Highway project. For donations of $150-$275, you’ll receive a copy of their prototype book. You can even make a donation without paying for it by clicking on “free credits.”

"Motoring" explores Lincoln, other highways

January 24, 2008

Our friends John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle have a new book due out any day, Motoring: The Highway Experience in America. It focuses on recreational travel between 1900 and 1960 by examining various aspects of the built environment and how they’ve shape our view of the “open road.” The 288-page, 75-photo publication from University of Georgia Press follows in the steps of 5 similar collaborations from the authors.


Sculle Motoring Book

Those other books from Jakle and Sculle have likewise covered topics such as motels, fast food, and gas stations but individually. This book looks at those topics plus roadside tourist attractions, freeways and toll roads, truck stops, bus travel, and convenience stores. Sculle told me, “There are 12 chapters in all, several on the highway system’s formation but also chapters on trucking, auto dealerships & garages….” They’ve been working on this book for 3 years, though of course that’s on top of decades of related research.

Another friend and road scholar, Arthur Krim (author of Route 66: Iconography of the American Highway), describes it as “a bit of business history, a pinch of psychology, a dose of technology, and a full account of the architectural forms that created the current freeway suburbia.”

As for the Lincoln Highway, Sculle says it’s in there:

Nothing new factually but it’s placed into the context of the developing highway system when it was built. Then, in concluding remarks, it is referenced regarding the way some people like to relive the past by driving on the old, surviving parts of the Lincoln Highway.

It’s a book about the Road as Americans consume it. It has links to many things written before but less on the people who started and ran the businesses than how Americans thought of their experience, hence, the subtitle: The Highway Experience in America. The chapter on the Tourist’s Roadside helps put things in perspective.

Motoring retails for $34.95 or get it from Amazon for $23.07 by clicking here.

Snow on Lincoln Hwy reminder of Donner tragedy

December 3, 2007

Many towns along the Lincoln Highway woke up to severe weather today, including snow and wind in the East and Midwest.

CA_Donner snow

The image above shows cars struggling to climb snowy Donner Summit about 1930. This was of course where the Donner party of emigrants got caught in the early snows of early November 1846. An excellent recounting of their story that puts the reader there is The Donner Party Chronicles: A Day-by-Day Account of a Doomed Wagon Train, 1846-47 by Frank Mullen Jr. The well-researched book makes it simple and intriguing to follow their journey through the use of maps, diary excerpts, images of artifacts, modern  photography, and archaeological debates.

CA_Donner Party book

While it will only be the 20s the next few days where I am in PA, it’s will reach the 50s in Truckee, the area where many from the Donner party camped to wait out the winter. You can check my web site’s LH Weather page to see conditions at a dozen locales from coast to coast.

Route 66 Reviews the Lincoln Highway

November 5, 2007

Greetings cover 2Well, not the roads but a Route 66 site and a Lincoln Highway book. Ron Warnick, whose Route 66 News was a prime inspiration for this site, just reviewed my Greetings from the Lincoln Highway, a book 10 years in the making. He was very kind in his praise – check it out or look for the Route 66 News RSS feed in the right-hand column here for regular updates of his posts.

I’m working hard to finish a follow-up book, Lincoln Highway Companion, a glove-compartment-size guide with driving maps and recommendations of places to eat, visit, and stay. And there’s LOTS out there on the Lincoln, more than any book or site could possibly capture, so don’t worry, there’s still endless surprises awaiting those who like to explore off the beaten path.