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Photos from the Route 30 movie shoot

April 15, 2008

John Putch sent along the web site for his next film, Route 30, which features this cool poster. A couple of the taglines are “Three Stories, One Highway” and “The Road of Dreams is a Two Lane Highway.” As John says, filming and the plot itself are centered around the Lincoln Highway, “the corridor of my childhood.” All images reproduced with permission.

Here are some shots from the production – click them to see larger images:

Above: Dana Delany plays Amish Martha, a depressed old maid who smokes, drinks, swears and longs to shave her legs again. She reportedly enjoyed Mister Ed’s Elephant museum. Who doesn’t??

Above: David DeLuise at Mister Ed’s.

Above: Mister Ed at his store with Curtis Armstrong as Ned.

Above: Production crew member Kate Murphy in Caledonia State Park.

Be sure to check out the movie podcasts by clicking the screen shot below. They’re informative, visually rich, and remind us that films don’t have to be elaborate productions. They’re pretty funny too!
Route 30 movie podcasts